Sotiso is an umbrellabrand for a holding with many subsidiaries and partner companies operating under one brand. All areas of Sotiso's operations are distinguished by innovation, quality of services and progressive methods.

Sotiso GmbH was founded in May 2020. The company's achievements, growth rates and the number of active operating directions testify to the high progressiveness of the brand in the modern market environment.
This is the latest addition to Sotiso GmbH's business areas, a collaboration with Emet Ukraine – a leader in the supply of aesthetic, injection medicine and cosmetics to post Soviet Countries, including Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekiostan, Moldova and Ukraine
Sotiso Cosmetics received the exclusive distribution rights for ESSE Skincare for the German market. Esse has developed unique natural cosmetics, the composition of which is based on living probiotic organisms. A balanced microbial composition with a predominance of probiotics protects against pathogens that cause inflammation, and also slows down the aging process associated with inflammation.
In the near future, Sotiso Cosmetics will develop projects for the supply of injectable cosmetics in the European market in collaboration with Emet.
Exclusive Distribution Contract starting 02/2022.
Sotiso GmbH has been successfully operating as a leading provider of medical supplies and protective equipment in the german healthcare sector since 2020.
Thanks to unique supplier relationships as well as competitive prices and partners, SOTISO was able to conclude numerous tenders as well as public contracts and build meaningful customer relationships based on trust and respect.
Sotiso GmbH's customers are small as well as large companies. As a reference for our work, we can currently name the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria, the Hanover Fire Brigade, the H-DG of the Bavarian Red Cross and the Bavarian State Office for Health, which we have successfully helped to procure PPE
Sotiso medical clients & partners.
Sotiso Medical is one of the core business areas of Sotiso GmbH. In the near future, the company will begin supplying artificial lung ventilation devices, X-ray devices, ultrasound machines and other medical machines for state ministries of health and private medical organizations.
Coming Soon...
Sotiso Real-estate is a large collaboration of Sotiso GmbH with TGS Holding GmbH and Ts Erste Immobilienbeteiligungs GmbH. In 2021, Sotiso Real-estate acquired more than 4 investment properties in its portfolio.

Sotiso Real-Estate offers services for the financing, management and development of real estate projects.
Residential and commercial real estate with high profit potential, single asset as well as portfolio deals, in Europe (focus on Germany and Austria) for investments up to 100,000,000 euros.
Сountryside building plots, by the water or in nature from 10,000 sqm (with a development permit) for direct purchase and investment.
We are looking for.
We are ready to partner, invest, buy out, finance, and participate in Real Estate Projects!
If you have a business proposal – please write to us at the contacts listed at the bottom of the site. We will do our best to ensure that your appeal turns into a sucessfull deal!
Sotiso Investments is a collaboration of friends and family angel investors. We are not portfolio investors. We don't invest in the idea, but in the people behind it.

We offer smart money at all business phases, wether pre-seed, seed or operating business. Our core focus and enthusiasm are early-stage technology startups shaping the industries of tomorrow, but we are also interested in traditional partnerships!

We let you focus on what you do best while giving you capital and access to our network!
We are ready to invest up to 5,000,000 euros!
We invest in people and ideas. A focus on certain industries would mean an unnecessary restriction. We encourage disruptive ideas, new business models and cutting edge technology.

We offer speed of execution, proactive support, and access to a broad international network
Sotiso Tech & Innovation is a fundamental part of the Sotiso ecosystem. Sotiso together wit partners implements revolutionary and disruptive technologies and innovations that will change the world.
Since August 1, 2021, Sotiso GmbH has signed a contract with Israeli brand BetterAir. Betterair’s patented Enviro-Biotics® forms a protective layer of probiotics flora on all surfaces and objects that eliminates viruses, pollutants, pathogens, and allergens.

Sotiso received exclusive distribution rights for BetterAir in Ukraine and Hungary, and general distribution rights in Germany.
Sotiso GmbH has been in development of the project “The Capsula” – a hardware startup whose products solve the problem of the lack of personal space in the urban society of the 21st Century. “The Capsula” solves the problem of lack of personal space by creating a Autonomous Modules and Personal Comfort Space anywhere in the world.
As the Covid-19 Pandemic burst out during 2020, Sotiso had developed the BOOSTCUBE project: individual soundproof mobile office for rent or purchase, tailored to the necessity of homeoffice..
We are always open for cooperation. We love new interesting projects and ideas. We are ready to do our best to change the world through our projects! Write to us for investment or collaboration!
We are looking for operational and manufacturing partners and a team to implement this project.
Exlcusive Distributor of
in Ukraine
and Hungary
Timur is keen on the idea of innovation and collaboration. The target of the SOTISO Ecosystem is to build a prosperous portfolio of sustainable and disruptive business in major industries. That is why today Sotiso is involved in sectors such as real estate, investments, crypto-curencies, renewable energy, technological startups, medical distrbution, wholesale of goods, and many more...
Timur Soroka received personal gratitude from the German government for his active participation in saving lives by fulfilling state medical orders during the natural economic crisis.
I want to create a new technological culture in work and daylife. And I will do this through honesty, transparancy, concern for the well-being of partners and an innovative approach to doing business.
Timur Soroka.
Founder and Head of Sotiso GmbH
+49 17632608538
SOTISO GmbH, Kurfürstendamm 102, 10711 Berlin, Deutschland
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