Sotiso is an umbrella brand for a holding company with many subsidiaries and partner companies that operate under one brand. All areas of Sotiso's activity are characterized by innovation, quality of service and advanced methods.
SOTISO GmbH, Kurfürstendamm 102, 10711 Berlin, Deutschland
Sotiso Medical has been successfully operating as a leading provider of medical products and protective equipment in the German healthcare sector since 2020.

Сlients and partners

treaties with Germany
Thanks to unique relationships with suppliers as well as competitive prices and partners, SOTISO was able to close numerous tenders
€ 10 000 000+

Company sales for 2 years in the European medical device market

Main supplier import and export of medical consumables
Sotiso Real-estate is a large cooperation between Sotiso GmbH and TGS Holding GmbH Ts Erste Immobilienbeteiligungs GmbH. In 2021 Sotiso Real-estate acquired more than 4 investment properties in its portfolio.
Buy and Rent
Camping and entertainment places
In large German cities and surrounding areas up to 20 km from the city
Long term
Premises for commercial purposes
Country houses, hotels, hostels and apartments
Objects below market value
Liquid funds of up to 100 million euros are available for quick decisions and transactions

We are looking for

Modern co-living rooms and apartments from €15 per person per day in Berlin and the surrounding area
Cozy and affordable accommodation for assemblers and craftsmen
We are willing to cooperate, invest, buy, finance and participate in real estate projects
If you have an offer, write to us
This is the result of the merger of two companies: Sotiso Medical and EMET, which have a successful and long-term experience in the markets of Europe and CIS.
Exclusive distribution agreement dated 02/20/22
Sotiso Cosmetics owns the exclusive distribution rights for ESSE Skincare on the German market.
Exclusive agent
cosmetic brands
Sotiso Cosmetics
Create a new, high-quality distribution service level in Europe and Germany
A range of professional speakers conduct field trainings, events and conferences that combine science, pleasure, innovation and professionalism
Regular thematic events in different countries of Europe and the world
The main task that we solve is the export of goods from China, Ukraine and other countries (on request) in bulk to the markets of Europeanism
We work with large retail and wholesale networks
We complete all important phases of logistics
  1. freight transport
  2. customs clearance
  3. document flow
Experienced sales people
We make sure that your goods are not only delivered safely, but also sold in the quantities you need.
Why is it convenient to work with us?
If you want to use the services of Sotiso Trade, please contact us.
Sotiso Startaps & Investments is an essential part of the Sotiso GmbH ecosystem. Sotiso, together with partners, implements revolutionary and breakthrough technologies and innovations that will change the world.
We are also willing to invest in your startup. We offer reasonable money at all stages of the business, whether it's pre-seed, seed or operational.
Capsula is a tech startup
Startup products that solve the problem of lack of personal space in 21st century urban society, creating autonomous modules and personal comfort space anywhere in the world.
We are willing to invest up to €5000000
We enable you to focus on what you do best by providing you with capital and access to our network!
Our main focus and passion are early stage technology startups shaping the industries of tomorrow, but we are also interested in traditional partnerships!
Import of sunflower oil to European markets
Together with the Ukrainian company OLEYNIK, SOTISO gmbh produced its SOTISO Olis brand for export from the Ukraine to the European market. Our products and production meet all European standards.
Export of high quality fuel from Europe to Ukraine
Our company delivers fuel using its own means of transport, therefore, upon delivery, all rules and regulations are observed, and the product meets all the specified characteristics.
Export of grain from Ukraine to European countries
Our company takes care of all organizational matters, paperwork for delivery, as well as solving problems that may arise when exporting grain.
Wholesale of building materials
Heat-insulating building materials, materials for sound insulation, waterproofing, finishing, floor coverings, electric locks, electrics and accessories, sanitary, paint and varnish products.
SOTISO GmbH, Kurfürstendamm 102, 10711 Berlin, Deutschland


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